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To find the simplest and efficient ways of making quality healthcare easily reachable to anybody anywhere, powered by innovative and user-friendly technology. •.


A world with a fair quality healthcare service that is as accessible as the air we breathe.

Popular Procedures
Doctor Consultations
All of our doctors have so many years of experience at work and are able to give the best advice that can guide you to improve your health.
Pharmacist Consultation
To learn About drugs you can ask our pharmacist.
Home Care Nurses
We make available fully trained nurses to assist you and your love ones from OPD as you go through recovery process.
Counseling Psychologist
We provide Marriage and Relationship counselors, career guidance and psychologist.
Health Forum
Learn from the experts and they educate you on health post a topic or question and be educated.
Book an appointment and be sorted without delays
Be Onboard.

Digital Health Access(DHA) is a healthcare platform that connects healthcare professionals and providers to it’s members to deliver healthcare services through. personal devices (Phones, tablets and computers)DHA offers one access to medical, legal and psychological counseling and consultations through mobile and web apps . We are dedicated to inspiring the adoption and integration of digital healthcare solutions into Global healthcare system to address health care delivery challenges. .
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It is here to help us the technology enabled professional access to health care. Lets make use of it to the fullest.

Ampabeng Richmond Bediako, Systems Programmer
Service provided by Digital health Access Website and/or Mobile Applications, is not an alternative to personal physical visit to your Doctor. We simply aim to bridge the gap of delivering Non-Emergency Primary Healthcare through the use of latest in Telecommunication Technologies for Non-Emergency Primary Healthcare and thereby provide easy access to Licensed Health Care Providers. We assist you in making healthy choices; exchange latest medical information with qualified and licensed Health Care Providers located worldwide and thus help you towards reaching your goal of a better, healthy lifestyle. Any prescription, diagnostic requisition, leave note and/or diagnosis by our Licensed Health Care Providers are to be used for basic primary non-emergency medical consultations only. Our services are strictly for Adults only. The applicable age for Adults is considered 18 years or over. Family members enrolled in monthly plan that are not adults need parental or guardian consent before using our services.
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