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#Sugar may make our food and drinks taste better and it seems like we will suffer without it. But because of its refined nature, when consumed it causes a rapid spike in blood sugar. This leads to fat deposited around the belly and liver, it leads to cravings and makes you eat more.

Sugar is therefore linked to weight gain and #obesity. In fact, it is a leading contributor. But sugar also damages our blood vessels and leads to building up of harmful cholesterol plaques that can cause #heartattacks #strokes and #hypertension. It is this harmful.

Sugar has been shown to make healthy cells go bad as well as feed #cancercells. Sugar is food for cancer. This is true. Sugar is one of the reasons cancer is on the rise. Sugar is linked to so many other problems like #dementia#inflammation in the body, poor immunity & more.

So we need to ask, do we really want to eat this thing called #sugar? Be wise. And if we want the sweet taste there are healthier alternatives like raw unprocessed honey, Stevia leaf or simply eating naturally sweet food like fruit. #healthylifestyle #healthychoices

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