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Some Healthy Eating Guidelines
1. Eat variety of fruits and vegetables 3-5 times per day 2. Limit intake of animal fats particularly in fatty beef/ goat/ pig meals, concentrated full cream milk, egg yolk, chicken skin, ghee, cheese and butter. 3. Trim off fat and buy lean meat cuts. Avoid excess alcohol intake 4. Don't smoke and avoid smokers. Smoke is dangerous to heart and lung health. 5. Use little salt, avoid addition of salt at table, and excessive consumption of high salt foods. 6. Take water regularly daily up to at least 3 litres ,8 glasses of water per day. 7. Choose healthier snacks like fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, groundnuts and sim sim 8. Go in for white meats, fresh fish is in good oils/ omega 3 9. Fry with plant oils preferably sunflower oil and olive oil 10. Do routine health checks of blood pressure , weight status, blood glucose levels. 11. Exercise frequently; recommended exercise for adults is 30minutes . *Please avoid following misguided diets without consulting a nutritionist or a health worker........... . #ask the nutritionist,,,, @Royas


Other Tips
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