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Let Them Marry
*LET THEM MARRY.* Mr & Mrs Abeiku Okai Inspirations (Abeiku Okai Ministries) Marriage is everyone's business because in the beginning God said, " is NOT GOOD that the MAN SHOULD BE ALONE; I will make him a HELP MEET for him." When young people come of age, it is never good for them to be alone. Once the time is ripe and they are mature and ready to marry, there should be no stumbling block before them. Except for special reasons there is no justification to stop, prevent or delay the marriage of young people who love themselves, have agreed and are ready to marry, and are also mature enough to carry out their own lives. Very unfortunately, some pastors and churches lay so many obtacles before young people who want to marry and aimlessly prevent or delay their marriage. At the end these young people spend several years in relationships and fornication. Meanwhile we come to the pulpit every Sunday just to "fire" them for fornicating. If we want to fight fornication, preaching against it is not enough. Let us also make it very convenient and the enviroment very condusive for the young men and women to marry. If you don't encourage them to marry they will mingle and when they are tickled while mingling they will wrinkle in their Christian life. Apostle Paul says; "But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn". (1st Cor. 7:9) The sex drive is like a flaming fire. It can burn and destroy the whole farm if not controlled. So Paul says, let them marry so that they don't destroy their whole body. Indeed, several young people cannot contain the sex drive. Meanwhile they do not also want to sin against God. Is it enough to just encourage them to abstain? Of course no; and that is why scripture says, "LET THEM MARRY". For it is better for them to marry than to be consumed by their passion for sex. The Bible clearly gives one of the most important reasons to marry as avoidance of fornication. "NEVERTHELESS, TO AVOID FORNICATION LET EVERYMAN HAVE HIS OWN WIFE AND LET EVERY WOMAN HAVE HER OWN HUSBAND." (1st Cor. 7:2) The command to let them marry is not a command to the young people. It is a command to the leadership of the church. And this means the pastors and elders of the church can become stumbling block to the marriage of people. Some of these stumbling blocks might be the traditions and dogmas of the church. So Jesus says, "Making the word of God of none effect through YOUR TRADITION WHICH YOU HAVE DELIVERED: and many such like things you do." (Mark 7:13) When the church preaches its traditions instead of the Gospel of Christ, the word of God becomes none effective in the lives of the congregation. That is one of the reasons many young Christians are fornicating. Meanwhile the word of God does not only say "Flee fornication"; it also says, LET THEM MARRY? So if you want them to flee, LET THEM ALSO MARRY. Another stumbling block is BY FORCE WEDDING. It is so sad that Christian leaders have forced wedding on the neck of young people. There are churches that will never recognise customary marriage as God ordained until the couple do the wedding? To them, God blesses wedding because it is done in the church and the pastor blessed it also. So are we saying our parents who were not wedded gave birth to us out of wedlock? Are we saying until one does the wedding he/she is fornicating with the husband? I won't be surprised because a devastated wife told me her husband has gone to wed another woman and when she confronted the pastor who blessed the wedding, the pastor said, "Your marriage was not wedding so God does not recognise it. The man has now been joined together by God." Can you imagine? Go through the whole New Testament and quote me where marriage took place in the church. The truth is that wedding is not biblical and also not our tradition. It is 'Oburoni' (Western) culture. It is therefore not bad to have wedding. But to force it on people that without it God does not recognise them as married even if they have done the customary rite is to burden the people. Meanwhile, it is not cheap at all organising a wedding. The food alone is a headache. So what happens? If I cannot have wedding and I cannot also control my passion, I will fornicate. You see the problem? Besides, even though one can have a successful wedding with very low budget, the church has made the whole show a competition. As a result, nobody wants disgrace. If I cannot challenge so-so-and-so then I won't have it. If I cannot reach this or that standard, I will be disgraced, so I won't have it at all. In the end what happens? Fornication. Several young people have not yet married just because they are still gathering money to marry. Why should marriage become a financial burden? I bless my Father in-law so much. He said, "Gentleman, I am not selling my daughter to you so I will not over demand anything. Consider your strength and communicate it to me." What are the strength of the young people? Please LET THEM MARRY. SHARE 0249287855 (Powered by Anathallo Chapel Int.)

Rev. Emmanuel Ainu(counselor)

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