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_*Emmanuel Ainu Inspirational Ministries (E-Aim)*_ In the game of soccer, just like all the other sports that are played over two halves, it is the result after the second half that is calculated as the final outcome of the entire game. This means that even though the first half results have some influence, ultimately it is what happens at the end of the second half that matters most. Today is 1st July, it is the first day of the second half of the year 2018 : first six months have passed, we have began the final six months. No matter how the first half has gone so far, we are about to begin the most decisive half of the year. I therefore want to share a few mental orientation pointers with you: *1. Let go of any guilt from the first half* You may have made mistakes and gotten some decisions wrong from January to June. There were things you should have done that you ignored: there were addictions you should have broken that you overlooked: there were promises you should have kept and many other things you now regret. Guess what! what is done is done. Just wallowing in self-pity will not help you now. Condemning yourself is an exercise in futility. Let go of guilty conscience, you need a clean conscience for a better second half. *2. Pick valuable lessons and tips from the first half* The events of the first half must serve as a foundation of wisdom, knowledge and experience for the second half. Only a fool doesn't learn from his past actions and inactions. A wise man learns from them and repeat best practices while avoiding wrong ones. You now know how not to do some things and you have learnt in the hard way what some decisions can bring to you. The first half has prepared you well for the decisive second half. Get ready and begin to thrive. *3. First half result is not the final result* Whatever you achieved or couldn't achieve in the first half is still pending because the game is not over yet. Depending on how you play this half, you can turn the wrong tables around and improve on the right practices. We have seen teams take a comfortable lead in the first half only to lose at the end of the game : we have also seen teams who got things wrong in the first half but turned it around in the second. How the game ends depends on how you tackle the second half. Once the game is not over, the prevailing result Is not the final outcome. It is not over until the referee blows the final whistle. 'It is not over until it is over'. If you give up because of the results or the past 6 months, just know that you have given up before it is over and have excused yourself from the open opportunity to turn things around. *4. Time is flying, get closer to your God* Not long ago you were making a resolution for 2018 on the 31st night of December 2017, today the year is already half-way gone. Time is flying and we are all growing. As time goes by, the prudent person must put in account that life is not only about earthly survival, but we have an eternal journey to make. In the second half of this year, I urge you to get closer to God. Pray ceaselessly, meditate and apply the Word of God, be in good fellowship, give cheerfully, get your hands involved in the kingdom mandate and 'work out your salvation with fear and trembling'. Seek to be in God's time because in His time He makes all things beautiful. May God bless your latter end so that your former failures will be a faint memory. I wish you well this second half because Grace is still speaking on your behalf. May July to December come to you in resounding joy, grace, favour and abundance in Jesus Name. *Happy New Month* *Emmanuel Ainu* _WhatsApp_ : +233 248034892 _Email_ : _Facebook Page_ : #BAMEC, Essikadu @ 01/07/18 #EAinu, Please Share

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