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*DATING 101 - _Four (4) Important things that are usually ignored in the search for a lifetime partner_* (Part 2)
*DATING 101 - _Four (4) Important things that are usually ignored in the search for a lifetime partner_* (Part 2) Emma.Ainu Inspirational Ministries (E-Aim) Just like continously adding water to wine will eventually dilute the taste of the wine, so does mixing certain undesirable attributes to love will dilute it of it purity and genuineness. _*And the love of the great body of people will grow cold because of the multiplied lawlessness and iniquity*,_ (Matt. 24:12 AMP). When we look around us today, we see this scripture practically unfolding before our eyes. Never has the love in marriages and relationships been under so much threat like in our time. Ironically, it is also in our time that we are having the most elaborate and expensive marriage ceremonies. It looks as if people have enough love to keep them together to a point, but not enough love to help them finish the race of living happily ever after. This is all because certain things that are ignored in the beginning actually rise up later to dilute the love until the supposed love that brought a couple together metamorphosises into hatred and disgust. Let us now look at four attributes that are often ignored but they later show up to sabotage the relationship. Pure love is tested and proven over time, so let us use the acronym of TIME to churn out these four defining attributes : T - Trust I - Inspiration M - Maturity E - Empathy We will now discuss each attribute one after the other and reveal how ignoring them can undermine your sweet love. Part 3 Downloading... *Emmanuel Ainu* _WhatsApp : +233 248034892_ Email : eainu2010@gmail.com

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