MSME COVID-19 Recovery and
Resilience Program

The MSME Recovery and Resilience program seeks to drive positive growth in the Ghanaian economy by strengthening the MSME network and building the capacity of individual MSMEs, especially women-owned businesses located in peri-urban areas, to restore, sustain, and grow their enterprises and retain and expand employment. The program seeks to cultivate a consortium that leverages the strengths and network of the partners to enhance support to sectors where many women are working, such as light manufacturing, wholesale/retail sector, agriculture and fisheries value chains, renewable energy and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

Key Services

We advise, counsel, mentor, and train existing companies to assist in their recovery and resiliency during and after the COVID-19 shock

We provide online training programs that entrepreneurs can access for free

We improve the quality of business development support in Ghana

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